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hoodhunt is a clue and adventure game that anyone can take part in. We encourage you to get your family involved and even the family dog. The more effort you put in, the more chance you have of solving the puzzle using your clues. There can only be one winner so get your ticket now to be part of the hunt!

AMY & ROB (aka Rob's Gift)

cape town winning team

In what we think is a super awesome gesture the winning teams entry in CPT was originally intended as a gift to Rob. He loves solving pulles and clearly surrounds himelf with people who love puzzles too.

'Robs gift' were a team that showed an amazing amount of determination to work through the clues methodically and take a few leaps of intuition to find the final prize.
Your energy is why we love setting up the hunt!

Olga Alexander

blouberg winner

Olga and her team mate were an amazing riddle solving pair!

With a number of leaps of intution they managed to work through our list of challenging puzzles and find the final prize before any of our other hunters.
These puzzle solving legends are a true inspiration to us!